Who We Are

We are residents of the Town of Signal Mountain, Walden, and unincorporated Hamilton County on Signal Mountain. But we are not just folks who live on Signal Mountain. We are proud to be part of a larger community, and we oppose splitting off from our Hamilton County school system.


We believe it is vital to work within the HCDE system already provided by our county tax dollars, rather than separating ourselves from our neighbors and friends. Our community is bigger than our mountain.

Concerned Neighbors

The proposal for a Signal Mountain School District impacts families within Hamilton County, not just those living on Signal.

Splitting from Hamilton County creates an appearance of elitism and is causing division and contention within the community. This proposal 

wastes time, effort, and money that could be better spent working within our current county system to continue making improvements to our award-winning schools. Let's use the system we are already paying for, instead of creating more cost to families and neighbors.

UPDATE: In November, 2018, the voters elected three SM Town Council members who have stated publicly they do not support an

Independent School District.

The conversation has now ended.

Thank you to everyone

who spoke out and helped out! 

Thank you for your support!

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